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    As many of you know, we are an affiliate of US Soccer, through our state association, Kentucky Youth Soccer. Earlier this year, US Soccer mandated changes for the age grouping and certain rules of the game. Our board met this week to finalize plans for when and how to implement these changes. These changes will apply to both recreational and select soccer teams.

    The changes will go into effect this Fall, 2016. The age grouping will be dictated by the child's birth year, rather than Aug 1 - Aug 1.
    It will work like this:
    •if your child's birth year was 2011-2012, they will play U6 for the upcoming fall/spring season
    •if birth year was 2009-2010, they will play U8 for the upcoming fall/spring season
    •if birth year was 2007-2008, they will play U10 for the upcoming fall/spring season
    •if birth year was 2005-2006, they will play U12 for the upcoming fall/spring season


    It is our goal to form as many teams as we can, provided the team has a chance at success. We want to give as many kids as possible a chance to play and succeed. This desire is balance by the reality that some kids would be much better served by playing Rec. These are complicated decisions.

    We've been forced to merge some teams because of number problems in the surrounding age groups. This is not ideal, but if don't have enough to form a team, the question becomes which situation benefits the most kids. If we have no team for 5 kids, but that allows 10 others to play, we must take that into consideration.

    The 2016 / 2017 uniform ordering deadline is Sunday, June 19th. Any orders placed after this date may incur delays. There will be a link setup to the new ordering site once it is ready.