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  • Spring 2016 UPDATE- LATEST NEWS

    As many of you know, we are an affiliate of US Soccer, through our state association, Kentucky Youth Soccer. Earlier this year, US Soccer mandated changes for the age grouping and certain rules of the game. Our board met this week to finalize plans for when and how to implement these changes. These changes will apply to both recreational and select soccer teams.

    The changes will go into effect this Fall, 2016. The age grouping will be dictated by the child's birth year, rather than Aug 1 - Aug 1.
    It will work like this:
    •if your child's birth year was 2011-2012, they will play U6 for the upcoming fall/spring season
    •if birth year was 2009-2010, they will play U8 for the upcoming fall/spring season
    •if birth year was 2007-2008, they will play U10 for the upcoming fall/spring season
    •if birth year was 2005-2006, they will play U12 for the upcoming fall/spring season

    It is time to form the Select teams for Fall 2016/Spring 2017. Below are two hyperlinks to the registration. You may have to copy and paste. If your player wants to play Select soccer this fall, please register as soon as possible. Tryouts for the girls teams are next week, starting Monday May 23rd -Thursday May 26th. The boys will be the following week, Monday May 30th - Thursday June 2nd. We will have exact dates and times released as soon as we can (hopefully today).

    Remember that Select soccer is a 1 YEAR commitment, that begins in the Fall. Teams normally do not have openings for the Spring season. So if your player is interested in playing Select, they need to be registered and attend tryouts.

    Players MUST try-out for their birth year group. If you want your player to be considered for an older age team, you must select to play up on the tryout registration (link below).

    We will do our best to provide a team for each age group, but that will ultimately depend on the numbers and available coaches. We will give some deference to teams that are already formed and playing together.

    Links to register for SELECT try-outs:

    GIRLS: http://ky-nelsonelite.sportsaffinity.com/eventmanager/public/event.asp?calid=7815159

    BOYS: http://ky-nelsonelite.sportsaffinity.com/eventmanager/public/event.asp?calid=7848488

    The 2016 / 2017 uniform ordering deadline is Sunday, June 19th. Any orders placed after this date may incur delays. There will be a link setup to the new ordering site once it is ready.

    Please click below to open the 2016 - 2017 Select Tryout Schedule PDF.
    Tryout ScheduletryoutSchedule