What is the appropriate restart?

The attacking team kicks the ball out of play across the defending team's goal line.


While the ball is in play, a player from Team A makes a short pass that accidentally hits the referee and rebounds to a player from Team B. The referee should:


The ball is out of play when:


When is the ball in play at the taking of a goal kick?


A goalkeeper successfully caught and then maintained possession of the ball. Unfortunately, he sustained injury in the process. The referee decided to stop play to allow a team trainer to attend to the goalkeeper. When the team trainer was finished and the goalkeeper ready, play should be restarted with a:


The ball, last touched by a defending player, completely passes over the goal line, but not into the goal. The AR signals as follows. What is the AR indicating?

corner flag pic


A player cannot be in an offside position if he/she is:


At the taking of a penalty kick, a defender entered the penalty area before the kick was taken. After the kick was taken, the goalkeeper deflected the kick over the crossbar. What is the correct restart?


Who is responsible for checking that the game ball is fit for play?


When a team is taking any free kick inside their own penalty area, when is the ball in play?



What is the appropriate restart?

The defending team kicks the ball out of play across their own goal line.


At the taking of a corner kick, for the ball to be in play, it must leave the corner arc.


When the referee is deciding whether to add time to the end of the first half, he/she should base her decision should considering which factor(s)?


A player persistently infringes the Laws of the Game. What action should the referee take?


Corner flags must have a blunt (not sharp) top and be a minimum height of:


According to Law 5, the person who is required to keep a record of the game is the:


The ball was kicked forward from a kick-off and went directly into the opponent's goal. The restart should be a:


True or False:

At the taking of a penalty kick, a teammate of the kicker entered the penalty area before the kick was taken. The kick was taken and the ball was saved by the goalkeeper. According to the Laws of the Game, the referee must stop play and award an indirect free kick to the defending team.


During a penalty kick, the player who was fouled must take the kick.


True or False:

While holding the ball, the goalkeeper is allowed to run anywhere within the penalty area, as long as he/she releases the ball within 6 seconds.


The referee sees the ball enter the goal. The AR makes eye contact with the referee and then sprints up the touch line towards the halfway line. This action indicates that in the opinion of the AR:


An attacking player in an offside position receives the ball directly from a teammate’s corner kick.