U9 Academy update.¬† Our apologies for the delay in announcing plans for U9 Academy. Continuing our desire to provide the best quality training for our players, we will again be offering U9 Academy this fall. The changes that I can announce about this fall’s program are listed below:

1) Players will play either U9 Academy OR Rec this fall. Last year, players were required to play both. The feedback that we received over the year from parents and coaches have led to this change.

2) Academy will have 2 training sessions per week, each lasting 90 minutes. We will apply to KYSA for 5 Academy Play Dates for this fall. Each Play Date consists of 2 games, giving the players 10 games over 5 weekends. This is equivalent to a Rec season. The parents/coaches can decide if they want to attend a post season tournament (Bowling Green’s Kick or Treat has an Academy Division that our teams have competed in several times).

3) We have two good options currently considering the position of Academy Director. Either way, I expect the program to provide an excellent training experience for kids. I hope to be able to release the Director/coaches later this week.

Remember, part of what makes the Academy program different is that it deemphasizes winning/losing and instead placing the emphasis on skill development. The “games” are less important than the training.

4) Cost for the program will be $120, which includes all insurance, field usage, coaching and ref fees. A uniform is included.

5) Registration is NOW OPEN. It is currently available for all 2009 and 2010 birth-years.

Click here to register your player.

Questions? Contact:

Lyle Hall at NCYSAregistrar@gmail.com